Executive Director, Kidney Care Partners

Founded in 2003, Kidney Care Partners (KCP) is a non-profit 501 (c) 4 organization whose mission is to ensure that 1) individuals with chronic kidney disease receive optimal care and are able to live quality lives, 2) appropriate care is readily accessible to all those in need, and 3) research and development lead to enhanced therapies and innovative products. To fulfill its mission, KCP lobbies the U.S. Congress and Administrative agencies; commissions research to advance policy objectives; engages in external communications; and undertakes a variety of quality initiatives, including development and testing of quality performance metrics and national quality improvement measure work to enhance patient care and outcomes. 

KCP is a consensus-based organization, with policy positions requiring a super majority of membership support. In addition, KCP operates as a virtual organization, with no employees and no physical infrastructure. Staff is composed of consultants who are experts in their respective fields. 

  • KCP Membership: 35 national and regional organizations that represent patients, physicians, nurses, transplant professionals, dialysis providers, manufacturers, and suppliers of goods and services to the kidney care community 
  • Annual Budget: Approximately $2.1 million 
  • Annual Dues Revenue: Approximately $2.1 million 

For more information, visit www.kidneycarepartners.com. 

Position Overview 

The Executive Director is charged with executing the coalition’s mission. Reporting to the membership of 35 organizations including the Operations Committee, which is composed of the Chair, who is elected by the membership, and 10 senior executives from select member organizations, the Executive Director serves as the leader of the coalition with overall responsibility for working with the membership to develop the strategic vison as well as manage and oversee all operations hiring and managing KCP’s consulting team, recruiting and retaining the membership, identifying and advancing the coalition’s advocacy agenda, and preparing and managing the budget. The Executive Director should have or develop knowledge of the field, including core federal programs that are central to the provision of kidney care in the United States. The Executive Director serves in a full-time role and is looked to for leadership, management, and consensus building, rather than lobbying. 

KCP has two subsidiary organizations that are included in the overall management portfolio: 1) the KCP PAC, the political action committee of KCP, and 2) the Kidney Care Quality Alliance, an independent KCP-funded organization that develops facility-level dialysis quality performance measures. While there are staff with primary responsibility for these entities, the Executive Director oversees these organizations and is ultimately accountable for achievement of their objectives. 

Principal Duties And Responsibilities

Coalition Leadership & Management 

Overview: Ensure the execution of the multi-year vision and objectives as laid out by KCP’s strategic goals and objectives This includes but is not limited to maintenance and oversight of KCP’s existing areas of focus: legislative policy, regulatory policy, quality measure development and the political action committee). To do this the Executive Director will need to develop timelines and identify resources needed to achieve the organization’s strategic goals and objectives; and develop and maintain strong relationships with KCP member representatives and consultants. This will also entail efficient financial resource use, rigorous consensus-building, and responsibility for internal and external communications. 

  • Consensus-building process: Work closely with volunteer leaders, general membership, and appropriate committees and workgroups in the development and articulation of aligned policy positions that further KCP’s priorities; interact regularly with representatives of member organizations to identify differences of opinion and broker compromise on key matters of policy with the goal of producing an aligned agenda. Explore potential for building formal or informal alliances with non-member organizations. 
  • Staffing Operations Committee: Serve as lead staff and primary advisor to the Operations Committee. Work with KCP Chair to develop meeting agendas, lead meetings and prepare relevant meeting documentation and consultant assignments stemming from Committee discussions; work with the consulting team to recommend legislative, regulatory, Administrative, and quality strategies; develop annual budget plan that ensures sufficient resources to accomplish strategic goals; take lead in recommending appropriate revisions of dues structure and changes in dues levels; and interact personally with Committee members to ensure alignment of Committee and organizational objectives. 
  • Membership recruitment, retention, and engagement on emerging issues: Recruit and retain membership; orient and build relationships with new members. Engage routinely and personally with key coalition leaders and member representatives to identify emerging issues/trends, determine issues where conflicts may arise, and seek policy solutions that will lead to aligned community positions. Explore potential for broadening the coalition base to include representatives from related disease-focused organizations, including the transplant community. 
  • Consultant management: Identify and recommend to the Operations Committee a team of national consultants/experts in areas of health policy, communications, quality performance measurement, and federal lobbying. Direct all aspects of consultant activities to ensure that the policy, communications, and operational goals of the organization are achieved. This responsibility includes working with consultants on an individual basis to develop strategies and related workplans to achieve KCP goals; holding routine meetings to coordinate consultant activities and ensure an across-the-board understanding of organizational objectives, changing membership dynamics and opinions, and sensitive issues; preparing clear assignments with deadlines for ongoing consultant workflow; and evaluate annually consultant contracts and performance. 
  • Internal and external communications oversight: Work with communications consultants to develop a strategic plan to support key policy objectives of the organization, including reaching out to national and trade reporters, shaping messaging, and crafting KCP’s response to events and issues as they arise; oversee and continuously refine other aspects of communications—from web presence to weekly e-newsletter, with the goal of raising KCP’s profile and strengthening the organization’s brand. Review all internal and external communications to ensure accurate and appropriate messaging. 
  • Tracking and evaluation: Implement systems to track progress and regularly evaluate federal program initiatives and consultant scope of work so as to measure effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Corporate Compliance & Finance 

  • Corporate Compliance: Work with the KCP Treasurer and consultant to maintain compliance with all laws and regulations governing the organization’s tax-exempt status, including timely filing of corporate tax, Federal Election Commission, and other documents; implementation of required operational protocols; and documentation and retention of required materials. 
  • Financial oversight: Develop and oversee the annual budget; Work with outside accounting firm and consultant to maintain ledger and process billing and payments, recommend, as appropriate, changes in structure and dues levels as well as changes to consultant team and relevant contractual relationships; work with the Treasurer and consulting staff to ensure transparency in ongoing reporting of financial position to the membership; oversee consultants managing KCP PAC. 

Thought Leadership 

  • Organizational forums and coalition alignment: Create forums for bringing new ideas and innovative policy developments to the fore and develop methods for vetting those ideas as they relate to KCP; implement process for identifying KCP membership priorities; develop ongoing approaches to assure membership alignment on new priorities. 
  • Membership meeting substantive goals and agenda: Create the agenda for in-person and electronic membership meetings with the goal of ensuring substantive issues are well vetted, community priorities are aligned, consulting team activities are appropriately focused, and KCP activities are transparent to the membership. Identify and work with community leaders and/or federal policymakers or influencers to develop high-level and thoughtful presentations on emerging health care trends and policy developments; develop methods and materials that will assist with identification of opportunities and problems in the delivery of kidney care; prepare materials to help provoke thoughtful membership debate and discussion. 

Status and Time Requirements 

This is a full-time position. 


Compensation is in the form of a monthly retainer. Fees will be commensurate with experience. 


  • Senior leadership and management experience; track record of effectively leading an organization, high profile initiatives, and seasoned consulting staff; ability to point to specific examples of operationalizing strategies that have led to the advancement and/or achievement of organizational priorities. Must be mission-driven and self-directed with a commitment to organizational transparency.
  • Ability to drive consensus within an organization with a range of stakeholders and cultures. 
  • Success working with a not-for-profit organization’s Board of Directors, Executive Committee, or other key committees as well as proven ability cultivating relationships with volunteer leaders. 
  • Knowledge of the federal political and health policymaking process, with past success directing teams on when and how to engage and what levers to pull. Specifically, the ability to oversee lobbying campaigns that reflect the consensus positions of a multi-stakeholder organization. 
  • Ability to guide public relations activities; strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to manage communications team and guide organizational messaging. 
  • Excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project management skills. 
  • Experience developing and driving high-performing teams, coaching staff/consultants, and working with volunteers with different needs and levels of ability. 
  • Ability to delegate appropriate tasks to consultants while maintaining responsibility for activities that are the sole responsibility of the Executive Director, including but not limited to routine personal outreach to the membership, staffing of the Operations, Governance and PAC Committees, substantive organization of monthly membership calls and quarterly in-person meeting agendas, budget development and oversight, contract oversight, day-to-day management of the organization and its consultants, including setting clear written expectations designed to achieve organizational objectives. 
  • Success in tightly managing a budget.
  • Outcomes-oriented and innovative management style that can adapt to running a virtual organization. 


More Information

Kidney Care Partners (KCP), a national coalition of patient advocates, nephrology and transplant health professionals, dialysis providers, and manufacturers working together to improve federal policy on kidney care, is searching for an Executive Director to lead the organization. 

KCP seeks a visionary leader who can expand the reach and visibility of the organization. Individuals interested in being considered for the position should have a proven track record of leadership and senior management within a national organization focused on affecting change in federal health policy. Knowledge of Medicare and/or kidney care policy is a plus. 

The Executive Director reports to the membership of 35 organizations which includes an Operations Committee, comprising KCP’s Chairman, who is elected by the membership, and 10 Senior Executives from select member organizations. The Executive Director is charged with driving all aspects of KCP’s activities, including preparing and managing the coalition’s budget and overseeing a team of senior consultants – with the goal of developing and advancing the policy and operational objectives of the organization as outlined by the membership. 

Candidates must be hands-on managers, committed to moving the organization’s agenda forward. Candidates must have a strong work ethic and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, multidisciplinary problem-solving and project management capabilities, and consensus-building effectiveness. For a more detailed outline of qualifications and expectations, please review the full Executive Director position description. 

KCP is a virtual organization; therefore, staffing is generally outsourced. 

Process for Candidate Consideration: Interested and qualified candidates should forward a curriculum vitae and appropriate background materials, including references, to Christine Walizer at [email protected], by close of business Tuesday, August 31, 2021. 

Thank you for your interest in the position of KCP Executive Director. 


John P. Butler 

Chair, Kidney Care Partners