Senior Director, Innovation, Research & New Therapies, The Epilepsy Foundation

Department: Research & New Therapies
Reports to: Senior Director of Innovation, Research & New Therapies

Directs the Epilepsy Foundation’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs, which include the Epilepsy Innovation Institute (Ei2) Initiatives, the Epilepsy Therapy Project (ETP) and Venture Fund, Epilepsy Digital Engagement Navigator (EDEN), Research Roundtable in Epilepsy (RRE) for the Foundation under the supervision of the CMIO. Works with the CMIO in setting the objectives and key results for the Research & New Therapies (R&NT) staff and assists in budget preparations and quarterly monitoring for the R&NT team. Provides supervisory and mentoring support to R&NT staff, as needed.

Ei2: Ensures process efficiency and proper coordination between the external EI2 Advisory Committee, the Innovation workshops, selected Solution teams and strategic partners. Primarily responsible for ensuring that the multiple groups involved in EI2 are effectively engaged, collaborating, meeting their milestones and adapting the projects as they learn from other groups and share their findings.

ETP & Venture fund: Coordinate the technical peer review of ETP grant programs, Shark Tank, and Epilepsy Venture Fund and work with the peer review groups, venture fund and the Professional Advisory Board Research & New Therapies Subcommittee and consult with the Chief Medical & Innovation Officer to select proposals for funding. The Senior Director is responsible for coordinating and leading the stakeholder input process, facilitating the work of the peer review groups, evaluating progress reports and evaluating impact of the program and its deliverables.

Research Roundtable in Epilepsy (RRE):  Works with CMIO and RRE advisory group to help set the research agenda, coordinate the meeting logistics, and host the annual conference.

Pipeline Conference: Works with CMIO and Pipeline team to help set the research agenda, coordinate the meeting logistics, and host the bi-annual conference.

Epilepsy Digital Experience Network (EDEN): EDEN is a platform that will enroll people with epilepsy and follow them over time. Working with the Chief Medical & Innovation Officer and EDEN external partners to ensure EDEN’s success and sustainability. Oversees the project manager who is tracking the milestones and deliverables, coordinating the multi-stakeholder groups, and coordinating community engagement and recruitment efforts.


Assists in developing communication strategies within the network and to external partners, such as the research quarterly publications, as well as the Board and other EF departments with program descriptions and other collateral as needed.

Other duties:

Works with CMIO to establish an evaluation process for the research programs he or she is responsible for, track innovation and research budget, and support the CMIO as needed.

Principal Duties And Responsibilities


  • Responsible for coordinating effective stakeholder engagement in innovation & research programs, through establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships to support program recognition, expansion and collaborations.
  • Directs the scientific peer review process for research programs, by working closely with the chairs of volunteer research committees and advisory boards.
  • Provides oversight of scientific teams as needed for supporting activities to meet research program development, implementation and evaluation objectives.
  • Maintains a comprehensive scope and sequence work plan for each project under their leadership, updating work plans on a monthly basis and reporting to the CMIO any variables in the work plan or project budgets.
  • Serves as primary liaison and coordinator for all assigned workshops/trainings/advisory committees associated with Innovation, Research & New Therapy programs.
  • Collects and analyzes data and generates reports for projects as needed to assess success, challenges and future activities.
  • Develops systems/databases etc. to implement activities
  • Coordinates conference presentations and national and international partnerships to support program outreach and expansion.
  • Coordinates workflow activities with other internal departments
  • Assists in the promotion of research funding opportunities.
  • Responds to inquiries from researchers, institutions, donors, and consumers.
  • Stays abreast of the latest research, literature, and issues related to assigned initiatives, projects and audiences.
  • Performs related work as required.



  • PhD in neuroscience highly preferred. PhD or Master’s degree in neuroscience, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and related scientific or technical fields considered.
  • Experience working in biomedical research, in a not for profit service-based organizations, or other relevant work experience.

More Information


Knowledge of — 

  • Current concepts in neuroscience therapy development or related areas of therapeutic development with an understanding of the underlying science and technology
  • Management of complex, multidisciplinary, collaborative scientific projects
  • Management of advisory boards and diverse stakeholders
  • Effective principles and practices of program management
  • Rigorous peer review and research funding decision processes
  • Administrative management including budgets, and program reporting.
  • Microsoft Office, Internet, Intranet, Microsoft Project and general database knowledge.

Ability to — 

  • Creatively problem solve to facilitate and optimize Innovation and Research programs
  • Integrate and synthesize complex ideas and materials
  • Independently perform program administrative duties
  • Write clearly and concisely at levels suitable for scientific publication and public audiences
  • Communicate and work effectively with a variety of people including epilepsy patients, research scientists, healthcare providers, government officials, industry representatives, and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and those with disabilities
  • Work independently on a variety of diverse tasks simultaneously with minimal supervision
  • Travel as needed to support programs

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