Axovant Sciences

Axovant develops transformative treatments for patients with life-altering neurologic conditions.

Their mission is to develop innovative gene therapies that have the potential to improve the lives of patients with neurological disorders. Their team is made up of leading scientific experts who are passionate about treating neurological conditions and easing the burden of these life-changing disorders for both patients and caregivers.

Their team is motivated by the promise of novel drug development, and is driven to find more efficient and effective ways to conduct scientific and clinical evaluations that rapidly deliver impactful medicines to patients in need. Their leadership team has a track record bringing innovative new neurotherapeutic treatments to a global market, and along with our seasoned board of directors, is fully committed to the responsible pursuit of transformative therapies for some of the world’s most difficult conditions.

They are values-driven and guided by a strict code of business conduct and ethics, and firmly believe that they can only do our best work if they act in a high-integrity and socially responsible manner.