Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

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Intarcia seeks to leverage their technologies in drug development and delivery to provide improved therapeutic outcomes for patients and to help patients achieve a better quality of life. One of the biggest problems in the treatment of chronic disease is that at least half of patients lack effective control of their condition due to the sub-optimal effectiveness of their medication in the ‘real-world’ circumstances in which they must be taken: patients living at home who are on their own to follow the prescribing instructions for their medications. Unfortunately, after just three-to-six months, the majority of patients with chronic conditions stop taking their pills and injections as prescribed by their doctor. Intarcia aims to address this widespread and serious problem in chronic disease by introducing a new way to deliver therapies continuously and consistently for very extended periods of time. By doing so, their advanced drug delivery system has the potential to deliver game-changing improvement in medication adherence over time, promising to break the long-standing and costly barrier to greater efficacy and better long-term outcomes in chronic disease management.