The Spondylitis Association of America

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When the Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) was founded in 1983, there was no support network, no educational materials geared to the patient, not even a single pamphlet for people affected by spondylitis, whether they were newly diagnosed or had lived with the condition for decades. Just as importantly, spondylitis research in the U.S. was at a virtual standstill.  More than 30 years ago, a small group of dedicated volunteers set out to change that. And in doing so, changed the landscape of spondylitis in this country. Today, SAA’s network of supportive programs ensures that those affected by spondylitis do not have to face this disease alone. Regardless of location, individuals and their families can connect with a robust community of people who listen and understand. With access to our exhaustive library of informational materials on worldwide developments in spondylitis, they can also find the tools they need to inform themselves, educate others, and take control of their health, leading to better outcomes and more robust quality of life.