Sue Peschin is the President and CEO of the Alliance for Aging Research. She has led efforts to increase federal investment in aging research, raise awareness of geriatric cardiovascular diseases, develop an older patient and family caregiver research engagement network, advocate for patient affordability and equity-based value frameworks, and improve Medicare treatment access.

Kathleen Cameron serves as the Senior Director of the National Council on Aging’s Center for Healthy Aging, where she provides subject matter expertise on health care programmatic and policy related issues and oversees the Modernizing Senior Center Resource Center. Ms. Cameron has more than 25 years in the health care field as a pharmacist, researcher, and program director.

Karyne Jones is the President and CEO of the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, or NCBA, and NCBA’s Housing Management and Development Corporation. NCBA is the largest minority focused organization in the country and is recognized as the national leader in senior housing, employment, health, and advocacy on behalf of minority seniors.