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The National Health Council (NHC) offers a variety of member benefits to engage with and learn from other NHC staff experts and other members. Highlighted below are some key member benefits. For more information on member benefits and opportunities, contact the NHC Membership Team at membership@nhcouncil.org.

Build Your Network: Expand your network with the broader health community through participation in our policy conferences, action teams, affinity groups, and ad- hoc briefings. Opportunities include:

Four annual marquee events:

*Health Leadership Conference and Washington Representatives Retreat are free for member nonprofit organizations and dependent on sponsorship for industry members.

    • The NHC hosts monthly Government Relations Action Team meetings which serve as the central forum for NHC policy and government relations professionals to get updates and provide input into the full array of patient-related policy issues on which the NHC and its members are focused.

    • Networking affinity groups for:

Increase Visibility: Enhance your organization’s public profile and outreach by:

    • Submitting content for the NHC’s weekly member newsletter, NHC Insider;
    • Highlighting your organization and activities via a guest post on the NHC Putting Patient First blog; and
    • Promoting job openings in your organization on the NHC Job Bank.

Strengthen Internal Operations: Gain knowledge on current issues facing the nonprofit sector, such as changes in charity rating systems, innovative fundraising techniques, relationships with the for-profit sector, and impacts of recent tax reform.

Earn Certified Association Executive (CAE) credits: The NHC is a CAE Approved Provider for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Many NHC programs meet the conditions for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the CAE credential. Every program we offer that qualifies for credit will clearly identify the number of credits granted for full participation. Per CAE policies, the NHC also maintains records of your participation.

Use of NHC Office and Meeting Space: In May 2022, the NHC relocated to a new, larger office space at 1730 M St NW, Suite 650 in Washington, DC. We invite our members to use our conference rooms and office spaces as an option when traveling to or doing business in the DC metropolitan area.

NHC CORPORATE HOTEL RATES: The NHC is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to take advantage of NHC corporate hotel rates at nearby hotels in Washington, DC. The following six hotels are offering the NHC’s corporate rates:

    • Capital Hilton
    • Hilton DC Capitol Hill
    • Hotel Washington
    • The Madison Hotel
    • The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection
    • The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center

NHC members who are interested in obtaining corporate rates at these hotels should email nhcmeetings@nhcouncil.org to request complete information.

Access Educational and Programming Resources: The NHC has created a Center of Educational Excellence, an e-learning resource, to help patients and patient advocates understand complex topics related to patient centricity in health care.

Our website is home to training and informational modules, tools, and various webinar series including:

Access to Policy and Issue Resources: The NHC also provides access to deep policy resources and expertise on a broad range of complex issues that impact all people with chronic conditions. To view our 2024 policy priorities, click here.

Issue areas where the NHC has made great strides include:

The NHC strives to share relevant policy work such as comment letters, working documents on policy positions, and white papers with its members well ahead of deadlines. This allows member organizations to utilize our materials to inform their own policy positions and responses.

About the NHC: Created by and for patient organizations in 1920, the National Health Council (NHC) brings diverse organizations together to forge consensus and drive patient- centered health policy. We promote increased access to affordable, high-value, sustainable health care. Made up of more than 160 national health-related organizations and businesses, the NHC’s core membership includes the nation’s leading patient organizations. Other members include health-related associations and nonprofit organizations including the provider, research, and family caregiver communities; and businesses representing biopharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, generic drug, and payer organizations.

Membership Categories

Patient Organizations (POs) are comprised of individuals who live with chronic disease(s) and/or disability(ies) and their family caregivers. They engage in an array of direct-service programs, which can include membership, support, advocacy, education, and research. Organizations in this category focus on specific patient and caregiver communities, are established as a tax-exempt nonprofit, and gain support for their mission from a wide range of the public.

Patient Organization members must meet the National Health Council’s minimum Standards of Excellence Certification Program® (SOE) requirements to be accepted into membership. Once welcomed into membership, PO members must meet the full SOE criteria within an appropriate timeframe, set collaboratively with the membership team.

Apply here.

Partners of Patient Organizations members (PPOs) may provide research, clinical, regulatory and/or policy expertise that impacts the health ecosystem in ways that are collaborative with patients and family caregivers managing chronic diseases and disabilities. Current organizations in this member category represent providers, researchers, and advocacy organizations with a broad focus on an underserved community and/or category of health consumers. Organizations in this category must be established as a tax-exempt nonprofit.

Organizations whose primary interest is to represent a business sector within the health ecosystem should use the application form under the Business and Industry section below.

 Apply here.

Business and Industry (B&I) members share a focus on providing goods, services, and knowledge that are disseminated through the health ecosystem to aid in the treatment and management of chronic conditions and disabilities. Also included in this category are nonprofit associations that represent the business interests of certain sectors within the health ecosystem.

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