The National Health Council is proud to have a diverse group of public, private, and nonprofit entities support our important work of putting patients at the center of health care policy. In alignment with our commitment to transparency, our financial information is readily available on this page.

The NHC is governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of representatives from our various membership categories. Voluntary Health Agency (VHA) members hold the majority of seats on the board to anchor decision-making in the mission. Board members set the strategic direction and establish policy to guide the NHC in meeting the mission to provide a united voice for people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their caregivers. 

Pursuant to our Standards of Excellence, we disclose the financial support we receive from our sponsors and post our disclosures on this page within six to 12 months of the close of the fiscal year.

In addition, we follow the same transparency-focused policies and procedures we ask our members to meet regarding corporate relations, transparency, and conflict of interest. Read more about our:

Read our partnership policy.

The companies and organizations that support the NHC have provided funding for a variety of programmatic efforts including: qualitative and quantitative research; multi-stakeholder roundtables on topics ranging from patient engagement to utilizing real-world evidence; educational programs for patients and patient advocates; and several annual conferences. We gratefully acknowledge their support.

To learn about current sponsorship opportunities with the NHC, contact Mary Crowther, Associate, Development.

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