Health Economics 101

Take our introductory training on health economics and value assessment

The Patient Voice in Value: The NHC Patient-Centered Value Model Rubric

A tool to help evaluate the patient centeredness of value models and to guide value model developers on the meaningful incorporation of patient engagement throughout their processes

Value Assessment: Incorporating The Patient Voice

The process of incorporating patient-provided information into a value assessment and how the results might feed into decision-making about care options.

Domains of Patient Centeredness in Value Assessment

What are the key characteristics of patient-centered value assessment?

Value Assessment Glossary

Plain-language definitions and terms used in value assessment
  Click here for an infographic on value terminology  

Pearls of Wisdom from Members of the Patient Community

A list of recommendations developed by members of the patient community who have already gone through a value assessment

Value Framework Get-Ready Checklist For Patient Organizations

A step-by-step guide for patient advocacy organizations to engage in discussions on and the assessment of value.

Considerations Guide for Patient Organizations

A tool to assist patient group staff in preparing actionable written comments on a specific value assessment

Visit our value initiative page to access white papers, comment letters, and other resources.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to members of the National Health Council’s Value Work Group for contributing to development of these resources. These resources were partially funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute® (PCORI®) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (8620-NHC). Development of these resources was also supported by the Patient-Driven Values in Healthcare Evaluation (PAVE) Center, a Center of Excellence supported by a grant from the PhRMA Foundation. Thank you to Allergan, Amgen, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, National Pharmaceutical Council, Pfizer, and PhRMA for sponsoring the NHC’s work on Value.

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