2022 Management Compensation Survey Finds Modest Increases in Salaries for Nonprofit Patient Groups

By: Bob Scott, Director, Member Services

The National Health Council (NHC) recently released its 2022 Management Compensation Survey Report for its Voluntary Health Agency (VHA), or patient advocacy group, members. This survey is sponsored annually by the NHC and the National Human Services Assembly (NHSA). It represents primarily the national offices of patient advocacy organizations and human, and youth service organizations that are members of the two sponsoring organizations.

The survey found that among responding organizations, the median salary increase budget ranged from 3.3% to 4.0%. This year’s report includes individual position summary tables for 87 positions. The tables contain base salary statistics for each position reported by total respondents, geographical location, organization budget, and total employees.

All NHC VHA and NHSA members were invited to participate in the survey, and a total of 55 member organizations returned valid questionnaires. Most survey respondents (60%) are located in the Washington, DC, or New York City metropolitan areas – major geographic centers for nonprofits – and those in other locations across the United States represent 40% of all survey respondents. The median operating budget for all survey respondents is approximately $10.1 million, and the median full-time staff size is 30 employees.

The survey was conducted by PRM Consulting Group, Inc. (PRM), which specializes in pay and benefits consulting for the not-for-profit community. The objective of the survey was to collect and tabulate total cash compensation (base salary plus additional cash) and salary range data on selected management and professional positions. It also summarizes the prevalence of benefits and perquisites provided to positions at various staff levels. In addition, the survey summarizes various compensation practices, including salary adjustments, retirement and savings plans, medical benefits, variable compensation practices, paid time off, and Board compensation practices.

Some topline data analysis indicated:

  • Almost half of all survey respondents (46%) reported using a formal salary structure – traditional, broadband, or other. Of the respondents utilizing salary ranges, most have a traditional salary structure (i.e., grades and ranges).
  • Survey respondents report that they contribute an average of 6.7% of pay to their defined retirement contribution plan.
  • Over half of survey respondents (57%) reported taking certain actions to control medical costs during the past year. Among these organizations, the largest number reported implementing new coverage options.
  • Sick leave benefits are more often provided as a stand-alone policy (60%), while the remaining 40% provide sick leave as part of an integrated paid-time-off (PTO) policy.

NHC patient group members who completed the survey have received the full management compensation report. Additionally, responding organizations will receive a complimentary copy of the Management Compensation Report of Not-for-Profit Organizations, which is published annually by PRM Consulting.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NHC, please email membership@nhcouncil.org.