Update on NHC’s Standards of Excellence Certification Program® for Voluntary Health Agency Members

06/06/2022 Read More

Join Us in Raising Awareness for these Causes in June

06/02/2022 Read More

Final Federal Insurance Guidelines for 2023 Issued

05/31/2022 Read More

2022 Health Leadership Conference Inspires, Engages

05/26/2022 Read More

New NHC Project: Identifying Essential Questions for Patients to Ask Health Care Providers

05/23/2022 Read More

We Must Take Care of Ourselves and the Youth this Mental Health Month

05/16/2022 Read More

House Subcommittee Takes First Steps in Passing FDA User Fee Legislation

05/12/2022 Read More

Coming Soon: The NHC to Launch Annual Management Compensation Survey

05/09/2022 Read More

In Case You Missed it! The NHC Research & Programs Department Has Great Patient-Centric Research Resources

05/05/2022 Read More

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

05/02/2022 Read More

Getting to Know: Omar A. Escontrías, DrPH, MPH, NHC Vice President of Research, Education, and Programs

04/28/2022 Read More

Guest Blog: Celebrating May Awareness Month with the VHL Alliance

04/25/2022 Read More

NHC Updates Health Leadership Conference, Prepares Conference App for Attendees as Long-Awaited Event Draws Near

04/21/2022 Read More

Biden Administration Announces New Equity Actions

04/18/2022 Read More

The NHC hosts webinar, launches report on Inclusive Workplaces

04/14/2022 Read More

Getting to Know: Linda Beza, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration

04/11/2022 Read More

President Biden Releases 2023 Budget Proposal

04/07/2022 Read More

April is Sjögren’s Awareness Month

04/05/2022 Read More

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