Washington Representatives Retreat Helps Set NHC’s 2020 Policy Priorities

03/12/2019 Read More

NHC CEO Boutin Testifies Before House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Drug Pricing

03/12/2019 Read More

Member Spotlight: Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

03/12/2019 Read More

Celebrate These Causes With Us in March

03/07/2019 Read More

NHC’s New Initiative on Clinical Outcome Assessments

03/07/2019 Read More

NHC VP of Policy and Gov. Affairs Joins Panel at HIMMS19

02/28/2019 Read More

NHC Releases Glossary of Patient Engagement Terms

02/28/2019 Read More

ICYMI: NHC’s Health Leadership Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL

02/27/2019 Read More

2020 Proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters: Key Takeaways

02/22/2019 Read More

Member Spotlight: The American Board of Medical Specialties

02/21/2019 Read More

How An Advocacy Group Elevates The Patient Voice In Research And Clinical Trials

02/21/2019 Read More

CDC: Flu shot kept about 50% from going to doctor

02/15/2019 Read More

Congress’ and HHS’ Health Care Policy Priorities: Lowering Drug Costs

02/08/2019 Read More

NHC Members Celebrate American Heart Month

02/06/2019 Read More

Kaiser Health News: Ads For Short-Term Plans Lacking ACA Protections Swamped Consumers’ Online Searches

01/31/2019 Read More

Recent NHC Comments Submitted to FDA & CMS

01/29/2019 Read More

Flu Season Update: More Than Half of the US Population Remains Unvaccinated

01/28/2019 Read More

The NHC Launches New Educational Program on Health Economics and Value Assessment

01/24/2019 Read More

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