Meaningful Patient Engagement: Now or Never?

11/05/2018 Read More

Confused about Open Enrollment? Here’s a Glossary to Help!

11/01/2018 Read More

Webinar Preview: Patient-Reported Outcomes and Patient-Centered Outcomes: Is There a Difference?

10/31/2018 Read More

Building Data Systems for the Science of Patient Engagement: A Recap of the NHC’s Chief Medical and Scientific Officer Conference

10/25/2018 Read More

Trump Administration Announces Two New Health Care Rules for 2020

10/24/2018 Read More

STAT: The EKG is only a start. Apple wants to seize the market for patient monitoring

10/19/2018 Read More

Member Spotlight: Food Allergy Research & Education

10/15/2018 Read More

Elevating and Improving Patient-Focused Drug Development

10/10/2018 Read More

NHC Communications Affinity Group: Networking, Sharing Ideas, Addressing Challenges

10/03/2018 Read More

Nearly 90 Patient Advocacy Organizations Sign Letter to Secretary Azar on the Administration’s Step Therapy Policy

10/01/2018 Read More

Spotlight: Medical Innovation Action Team

09/25/2018 Read More

The Benefits of NHC Membership

09/21/2018 Read More

A Thousand Little Cuts to the Affordable Care Act

09/19/2018 Read More

NHC Launches Drug Pricing Blueprint Tracker

09/14/2018 Read More

Spotlight: Health Care Reform Action Team

09/12/2018 Read More

Going Back to School with the NHC’s New Educational Series: Increasing Patient-Community Capacity to Engage on Quality of Health Care

09/06/2018 Read More

Fighting the Opioid Crisis while Ensuring Access for Those Who Truly Need It

08/30/2018 Read More

Making the Patient the Center of Comparative Effectiveness

08/20/2018 Read More

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