Getting to Know: Omar A. Escontrías, DrPH, MPH, NHC Vice President of Research, Education, and Programs

04/28/2022 Read More

Guest Blog: Celebrating May Awareness Month with the VHL Alliance

04/25/2022 Read More

NHC Updates Health Leadership Conference, Prepares Conference App for Attendees as Long-Awaited Event Draws Near

04/21/2022 Read More

Biden Administration Announces New Equity Actions

04/18/2022 Read More

The NHC hosts webinar, launches report on Inclusive Workplaces

04/14/2022 Read More

Getting to Know: Linda Beza, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration

04/11/2022 Read More

President Biden Releases 2023 Budget Proposal

04/07/2022 Read More

April is Sjögren’s Awareness Month

04/05/2022 Read More

NHC Promotes Patient Priorities Ahead of Possible Public Health Emergency Expiration

03/28/2022 Read More

April is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

03/24/2022 Read More

Project Update! Patient-Centered Core Impact Sets (PC-CISs)

03/22/2022 Read More

NHC Advocates for Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector

03/18/2022 Read More

Getting to Know: Michael Gordon, Communications Coordinator

03/14/2022 Read More

NHC Member Spotlight: Family Heart Foundation

03/10/2022 Read More

2022 Health Leadership Conference to Convene In-person, May 3-5 in Coral Gables, FL

03/07/2022 Read More

President Biden Shares Health Care Priorities in First State of the Union Address

03/04/2022 Read More

The Benefits of NHC Membership

03/02/2022 Read More

Getting to Know: Racquel Codling, Director, Meetings & Events

02/25/2022 Read More

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