An Inside Look at the NHC’s 2020 Health Leadership Conference


By Katie Scott, Senior Manager, Membership Services and Certifications

The National Health Council (NHC) is celebrating its 100th anniversary at the 2020 Health Leadership Conference next week in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sessions from the Health Leadership Conference, which will be from Feb. 12-14, include, The Future of Health, Challenging the Culture of Health, Networks of the Future, and more. The full line-up of keynote speakers and panelists can be viewed in the agenda.

Attendees will hear about the latest trends in health care policy, how to promote collaboration across the health ecosystem, and other important information from expert patient advocacy leaders.

The NHC’s 2020 Health Leadership Conference currently has over 100 registrants. This group of chief executives and board members of leading patient advocacy organizations, health-focused nonprofits, and other NHC members will meet to share information about emerging issues in health care and learn from nationally recognized experts and each other.

Last year, attendees enjoyed keynote speaker, Mike Rayburn’s, presentation on How to Innovate and Perform at Peak Levels by Transforming Success and Significance. Additional panels and breakout session topics included, Optimizing Health Spending so Patients Receive the Care They Need, The 116th United States Congress, and more. Read about last year’s conference here.

The NHC is celebrating 100 years of Putting Patients First in 2020, so this year’s Health Leadership Conference will kick off with a Roaring 20s-themed reception.

Visit our website to learn more about the event here. Remember to check back after the conference to read our wrap-up of the event.