Spotlight: Medical Innovation Action Team


By Katie Soisson, NHC Policy Associate

The NHC’s Action Teams are an integral part of the organization’s policy-making process and serve as one of the best ways for member organizations to take part. Both the Health Care Reform Action Team (HCRAT) and the Medical Innovation Action Team (MIAT) are composed of senior policy and government affairs staff from NHC member organizations. The Action Teams meet monthly and are open to anyone in membership.

The Medical Innovation Action Team is focused on legislative and regulatory policies that encourage medical innovation, particularly efforts that support patient engagement. This year, an important focus of the MIAT has been the FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) initiative. Specifically, the MIAT discusses important upcoming workshops and meetings, the release of FDA guidance documents, or comment letters that the NHC or its members plan to submit.

Both Action Teams serve as a place where the NHC and its member organizations can work together, stay up-to-date on important areas of policy, discuss potential alignment of positions, and develop operational strategies to continue our mission of providing a united voice for people with chronic diseases and disabilities.

If you are an NHC member organization and would like to learn more about the Medical Innovation Action Team, please contact me at