Watch: NHC Webinar on Patient-Reported Outcomes and Patient-Centered Outcomes


In patient-centered research and care, we focus on the outcomes most important to patients. Often, patients tell us that what is most important to them is how they feel and how well they function in their everyday lives. These outcomes are referred to in research as patient-reported outcomes or PROs. So, what is the difference between a patient-centered outcome and a patient-reported outcome?  Are they the same? The answer is: No, they are not the same!

In this webinar, presented by Dr. Eleanor Perfetto, you will learn about the difference between patient-centered outcomes and patient-reported outcomes, and why we need patient-centered PROs in research and care.

Why is this topic important?

In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration will release two, new draft guidance documents on clinical outcome assessment (COA). Patient-reported outcomes are one type of COA tool that will be covered in these guidances. Patient groups should be familiar with PROs so they and their constituents can become fully engaged in the development and use of the patient-centered PROs important to their community.

Who should listen in?

Patients and patient-group staff who want to learn more about PROs. Researchers, and industry and government agency staff who want to learn more about patient-centered PROs and patient engagement in PRO development and use.

Watch the recording here.