Coming Soon: The NHC to Launch Annual Management Compensation Survey

By: Bob Scott, Director, Member Services

The National Health Council (NHC) will launch its annual Management Compensation Survey to our Voluntary Health Agency (VHA) members this week. With a diverse membership, the NHC is uniquely situated to gather important data that can be used by our VHA members for assessing themselves in compensation trends in comparison with their colleagues in the patient advocacy sector.

The Management Compensation Report is managed by PRM Consulting Group, which specializes in pay and benefits consulting for the nonprofit community. The survey is generally conducted in conjunction with the National Human Services Assembly (NHSA) and represents data from the national offices of health-related and human and youth service organizations that are members of the NHC and the NHSA.

The objective of the survey is to collect and tabulate total cash compensation (base salary plus additional cash) and salary-range data on selected management and professional positions. The survey summarizes the prevalence of benefits and perquisites provided to positions at various staff levels. In addition, the survey summarizes various compensation practices, including salary adjustments, retirement and savings plans, medical benefits, variable compensation practices, paid time off, and Board compensation practices. The report will include individual position summary tables for nearly 90 positions, which tables containing base-salary statistics for each position reported by total respondents, geographical location, organization budget, and total employees.

Participating member organizations also will have the option to participate in and receive a complimentary copy of a second report that covers the broader nonprofit audience. This second report, Management Compensation Report of Nonprofit Organizations, is published annually by PRM (a $650 value). The range of participating organizations, geographical breadth, and availability of historical data in this prominent survey is a great (and very economical) resource for benchmarking and market-pricing compensation data that has become so critical in the current job market. These two resources allow NHC member organizations to compare and contrast the most up-to-date compensation information for planning their financial futures.

Watch for the announcement from the NHC Member Services team with a personalized link to complete the survey. If you have any questions about this valuable membership benefit, please contact the team at