Disease-Focused Charities Need Your Help


By Christina Howerton, Manager, Marketing and New Media

Disease-focused charities are providing vital support to people with chronic conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time of crisis, please consider giving to a disease-focused charity as they continue to support the people most vulnerable to the coronavirus: patients with chronic diseases and disabilities.

These charities, also known as patient groups or patient advocacy organizations, offer support, education, and critical services to people with chronic conditions. The ways that these nonprofits typically fundraise and organize have been severely impacted by the pandemic, as springtime is prime time for community-based fundraising. They may no longer be able to host in-person events, but we can still support them.

To identify credible and trustworthy disease-focused charities, go to the NHC website, where you will find a list of members in the patient advocacy organization category. To be an NHC member, they are required to meet the NHC Standards of Excellence®. This means that they demonstrate the highest level of integrity, accountability, and transparency, so you know your donation will be used wisely.

View the list of our patient advocacy members here. And don’t forget to continue to support your favorite disease-focused charity during this challenging time.