Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Today: Five Resources for Health Care Professionals and Advocates

By Erica Klinger, Senior Director of Marketing, Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM)

U.S. health care professionals and advocates have risen to the occasion during the pandemic, working around the clock to help our nation respond to this severe and constantly shifting challenge. 

On top of everything else you do, regularly checking the latest information and resources can make an important difference in patients’ lives and in the effectiveness of our health care system. On issues like drug pricing, quality, the supply chain, and new advances in generics, biosimilars, and complex medicines, how do you stay informed? Here are five recommendations:

  • Voices of Access features patients across the country speaking about the importance of generic and biosimilar medicines in their lives. Meet people like Akaimi, 44, of San Antonio, TX. She is a single mother, a new grandmother and emerging artist. Her treatment for large granular lymphocytic leukemia was successful, and the cancer is now in remission, but she continues to have side effects from the chemo treatments. Her doctor recommended a biosimilar. “Not only did it work, but it saves me money too!” Akaimi says. “My copay is only $25. Now I have the energy and extra money to attend my art exhibits, respond to my Instagram fans, and care for my family.” This resource also introduces you to patients like Rich, 72, of Laurel, MD, and Jonnie, of Skiatook, OK, who are saving money and relying on generic medicines to care for their chronic conditions. AAM is always collecting stories like these, and we encourage you to spread the word about this opportunity.
  • Share Your Voice and subscribe for alerts on legislation and opportunities where you can advocate for patient access and affordability.
  • The generic and biosimilars savings report details the billions of dollars saved when prescriptions are being filled with safe, affordable generic medicines. In 2019, America’s patients and our health care system saved $313 billion, and the last decade has seen close to $2.2 trillion in savings. The report breaks down savings by state, payer, condition, and other factors. Biosimilar medicines are relatively new competitors to brand biologic medicines, with the promise of more than $130 billion in savings by 2025, giving 1.2 million patients access to needed medicines. To learn more, go to org or try our Augmented Reality Instagram lens on your mobile phone.
  • The AAM All Access Podcast, hosted by Dan Leonard, AAM Chief Executive Officer, presents unfiltered ideas and opinions of thought leaders, legislators, academics, and scientists in the generics and biosimilars industry. (Speaking of podcasts, I appear on the Advocacy Help Desk and Voices in Advocacy; tune in if you’re a communications professional.)
  • AAM and the Biosimilars Council constantly update our websites with data and analysis for professionals and patients alike. We are @accessiblemeds on social media and for patient advocacy, find us on Twitter. We follow back!

Health care matters to every American, and access to medicines is essential to maintaining our health and treating illnesses. Staying current on developments in the pharmaceutical industry will help professionals the patients who rely on their expertise.

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