Get to Know: Micah Nation, Director, Executive Office

Tell us something about you that no one would know from reading your resume.  

Beyond what my resume reflects, I am a fervent enthusiast of jazz, reggae, and R&B music, finding solace and inspiration in their melodies and expressions. Outside of the professional sphere, I find fulfillment in exploring culinary delights, reveling in the diverse flavorful experiences they offer, and remain an unwavering supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles, despite my Brooklyn, NY, roots. 

What are some of the tasks or other work you have done that will help you in this new role? 

As the newly appointed Director of the Executive Office, Board Operations, and Partnership Engagement, I bring a steadfast dedication to patient advocacy, innovative partnerships, and operational excellence.  

With a background spanning project management, health care, consulting, and organizational change, I am well prepared and excited to support the Executive Office at the NHC in achieving their key goals for the years 2025-2030. My tenure at Oliver Wyman management consulting and WWF’s Global Partnership and Multilateral Engagement team provided invaluable experience in managing global projects, fostering partnerships, and navigating complex, multi-stakeholder environments. Additionally, my time at NYU Hospital within the Chairman’s Office of Orthopedic Surgery has instilled in me a deep understanding of the importance of a patient-centric approach, which will guide my efforts to enhance the patient experience and prioritize patient voices in all NHC endeavors. My roles in quality improvement at NY Presbyterian Hospital, organizational change management at BNY Mellon, and executive leadership training at Barclays have honed my skills in operational excellence and leadership, complementing my project management training from Cornell University to effectively support the Executive Office in planning, executing, and monitoring strategic initiatives.  

What is your favorite thing about working at the NHC? 

What draws me most to working at the NHC is the extensive network of organizations enthusiastic about collaborating on patient advocacy and enhancing the patient experience. The prospect of contributing to operational excellence and witnessing the NHC’s involvement in pioneering initiatives, such as its connections to the CHAI mission and adherence to NHC Standards of Excellence, deeply resonates with my dedication to transformative change in health care. I am particularly excited about engaging with the board members, who serve as pillars in steering the organization’s mission forward. I look forward to learning from their wealth of experience and utilizing my previous management skills in the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees arena, to amplify the NHC’s voice, thereby furthering its impact in the health care landscape.  

Why did you want to join the NHC team?  

A meeting with the CEO Randall Rutta, whose visionary leadership and strategic foresight resonated deeply with me, propelled my decision to join the NHC. The organization’s commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to advance diversity, equity, and research underscores its pioneering spirit, aligning seamlessly with my own ethos. I look forward to collaborating with colleagues across departments to advance our shared mission and make a meaningful impact in the health care landscape.