Getting to Know: Ashleigh Jones, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Following is a Q&A to get to know Ashleigh Jones, Executive Assistant to the CEO, who began working at the National Health Council (NHC) in January 2023.

Putting Patients First (PPF) Blog: Tell us about your career. What led you to the NHC?

I have worked with nonprofit organizations for my entire career. It has always been important to me that the work I do makes a positive impact for the communities and causes I care deeply about. I have been fortunate to work for organizations like the Executive Leadership Council, AARP, and the Association of American Universities (AAU) to name a few. Each of these organizations are doing incredible work in their industries to make positive changes that will have lasting impacts for current and future generations, much like the NHC. Seeing my own family members and others struggle to receive quality health care due to their racial, financial, and/or illness statuses and addressing issues with navigating and understanding the caregiving process, is what drew me to the NHC. Its mission, vision, and values all address what so many Americans are struggling with daily as it relates to the quality of their health care and caring for their loved ones. The NHC gives patients a voice, and I am thrilled to be able to support the important work of the organization and our members.

PFF Blog: What are some of the tasks or other work you’ve done that will help you in this new role?

I have worked in roles supporting C-suite executives and their Board members for more than 10 years. I think the skills I have acquired over the years as an executive assistant will add value in giving my colleagues support that will free up some of their time to focus on their core work and member engagement. I think the work and communities I served while working for AARP better position me to understand the priorities of the NHC and its members, and my work at the AAU helps me to better understand the policy efforts of the organization.

PFF Blog: You work closely with Randy Rutta, the NHC’s CEO. Tell us what you hope to accomplish while working with him?

I hope to become Randy’s right hand, to support him in his engagement with the Board, the NHC membership, and other health organizations and to pitch in wherever needed to help both him and the team. I hope to get to a place where I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of Randy’s work priorities, and the goals he and the Board have for the organization, and that my work be reflective of both.

PFF Blog: Tell us something about you personally. What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work, I am a mom of two. My son Arrington is 14 and my daughter Samara is 8. I love event planning and have a wedding and event planning business called Luxe Events, Management & Consulting Group. For fun I enjoy traveling and love any chance to be near the ocean!