Getting to know: Christina Howerton, Manager, Communications and New Media

Following is a Q&A to get to know Christina Howerton, Manager, Communications and New Media, who began working at the National Health Council (NHC) in 2017.

Putting Patients First (PPF) Blog: What led you to the National Health Council (NHC)?

I became interested in learning about health policy at a previous job. As I learned more, I realized how important it is to nearly everyone. Specifically, learning about how my brother, who has Down syndrome, would be impacted by changes in health care policy led me to seek out a position with the NHC because it focuses on helping people with chronic diseases and disabilities like my brother.

PPF Blog: What’s your favorite part about working for the NHC?

My favorite thing is that, every day, our work really impacts people with chronic diseases and disabilities. We advocate for policies that promote increased access to affordable, high-value, sustainable health care. This includes public policy through our work with Congress and the Administration and policy internal to the health care industry through our work with our members and partners. I love that I get to put together messages and digital media projects about the importance of what we’re advocating for and what its impact on patients will be.

PPF Blog: What makes the NHC different from other organizations?

We are a coalition of member organizations from across the health care ecosystem. From our members and partners, we hear many different perspectives about health policy. I think that brings an important diversity to our work.

PPF Blog: What upcoming project are you are excited about?

The NHC is launching a new website in the next few weeks. We’re overhauling it to better reflect the scope and depth of our work – from health care reform to value to personalized health. The new website will be easier to navigate and will feature more photos and videos. We’re excited to launch it soon, as it’s going to be the culmination of a couple of years of work on updating and strengthening the NHC’s brand.

PPF Blog: Tell us about a personal project or hobby of yours.

I organize a book club with some of my closest friends. We pick books that teach us something about culture, society, or current issues. Some that we’ve read include I Was Their American Dream By Malaka Gharib, The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen, and Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. It’s going strong after two years, and I’ve been told it’s unique that we do actually read and discuss the books.