Invitation to join NHC’s Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group

By: Racquel Codling, Director, Meetings & Events

In 2020, the landscape for meetings and events was forever changed with all in-person events pivoting to a virtual environment. It is imperative for meeting and event planners to stay up-to-date on best practices and trends in the new world and the return to in-person events.

The NHC plans to re-establish the Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group to convene meeting and event planners that plan events, or individuals that perform functions of that role, for NHC member organizations whose mission is to advocate for people living with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers.

Our primary goal is to recruit new members to join the Affinity Group, then move forward with re-establishing the Affinity Group’s purpose, determine a meeting schedule (once a month vs. once a quarter), and identify best practices and discussion topics for future meetings. If you are interested in joining the Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group, please contact Racquel Codling by August 1.