Join Us in Raising Awareness for These Causes in April

By Theo Smith, Communications Intern 

Patient advocacy organizations work tirelessly to educate, promote, advocate, and raise awareness and funding for their causes. Awareness events give us the opportunity to rally around a common objective and show these organizations how much we appreciate their work. Here’s how you can help advance these groups’ missions and spread awareness. 

National Minority Health Awareness Month 

During April, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, raises awareness about the health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities by celebrating National Minority Health Month. This year’s theme is, Prevention is Power: taking Action for Health Equity. This emphasizes the critical role of prevention in reducing health disparities. It is essential that everyone has the chance to live a healthy life, regardless of who they are and where they live. This month, help combat health disparities by raising awareness. 

Ways to get involved: 

  • Learn more by reading the HHS Office of Minority Health blog.   
  • Share posts on social media from their toolkit
  • Find an event near you and register to help advocate for health equity. 

IBS Awareness Month 

Since 1997, April has been celebrated as IBS Awareness Month. IBS is irritable bowel syndrome and is characterized by recurring or chronic abdominal pain, discomfort when eating/drinking, changes in bowel frequency or consistency, and diarrhea. The International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders works to advocate, educate, and research IBS for the more than 45 million Americans living with a gastrointestinal disorder. Worldwide, an estimated 10-15 percent of the population is affected by IBS. This month, it is important to raise awareness about IBS, the symptoms, treatment, and where to go for more resources. 

Ways to get involved: 


National Autism Awareness Month 

April marks National Autism Awareness Month. In 1972, in order to spread awareness, promote acceptance, and ignite change, the Autism Society launched a nationwide effort to advocate for autism. This year, join the “Celebrate Differences” campaign and help build better awareness about the signs, symptoms, and realities of autism. This campaign focuses on providing information and resources for communities to be more aware of autism and how they can get involved. The Autism Society is the nation’s oldest leading grassroots autism organization and has been working since 1970 to promote autism awareness and assurance that all affected by autism are able to achieve the highest quality of life possible. 

Ways to get involved: 

Awareness Days: