Mapping Food Allergy Patient Experiences: A Pilot Study Using the NHC Patient Experience Mapping Tool, Phase 2

By: Omar A. Escontrías, DrPH, MPH, Senior Vice President, Equity, Research and Programs

Food allergy is a prevalent condition in the United States, affecting approximately 10% of the population. In Fall 2022, the National Health Council (NHC) launched a research study (Phase 1) to examine the patient experiences of those impacted by food allergies. The study’s foundation included the application of the Patient Experience Mapping Tool to understand the natural history of food allergy, signs and symptoms of progression, and various life factors to managing food allergy in adults, adolescents, and caregivers.

Representativeness in research is important and concentrating our efforts on diverse communities is essential to moving the needle toward achieving health equity. Although findings from Phase 1 gleaned significant, important information, a Phase 2 to this study will explore a deeper understanding to the experience of vulnerable populations such as adults living in rural areas and Hispanic/Latino adolescents. The NHC will follow the same approach to patient recruitment, interviews, and data analysis as Phase 1. Findings from Phase 1 and Phase 2 interviews will be incorporated into the peer-reviewed manuscript and infographic in spring/summer 2024. Insights will be disseminated to the academic and patient advocacy group community.

The NHC is grateful to partner with Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America on this project and to Novartis for their continued funding and support to this important research.