Mapping Food Allergy Patient Experiences: A Pilot Study Using the NHC’s Patient Experience Mapping Toolbox

By: Omar A. Escontrías, DrPH, MPH, Vice President of Research, Education, & Programs

The National Health Council has launched a research study that explores the use of its Patient Experience Mapping Toolbox within the context of food allergies. According to the peer-reviewed literature and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AFAA), there is approximately 32 million adults and children with a known food allergy.1,2, 3 This study seeks to describe patient experiences living with and treating food allergy in the United States. Through in-depth interviews, the NHC will explore:

  • Natural history of food allergy, including signs and symptoms, progression, and severity;
  • Impact of food allergy and its treatment on individuals and family members, including work or student life, mental health and other health conditions, finances, and other life factors/social determinants of health;
  • The burden of living with or managing a food allergy, such as the impact on day-to-day function and quality of life over time; and
  • Perspectives on current and future treatments for food allergy.

We will adapt the NHC’s Patient Experience Mapping Toolbox to engage adolescent and adult patients as well as family caregivers through virtual, semi-structured interviews to understand their experiences with food allergy and the impact it has on their lives.

The study is currently in its recruitment and interview phases and will initiate analysis of collected data in the Spring 2023.

The NHC is grateful to partner with AFAA on this project and to Novartis for funding this important research.


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