Mark Your Calendars! Bi-monthly Meetings for NHC’s Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group

By: Racquel Codling, CMP, CME, Director, Meetings & Events 

 The newly relaunched NHC’s Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group convened virtually on Wednesday, September 14. The meeting included 10 participants who represent NHC member organizations whose mission is to advocate for people living with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers.

During the meeting, participants became acquainted with each other, reviewed and approved the Group’s charter and purpose, and shared ideas and topics for future Affinity Group meetings which included: 

  • Examples of hybrid events, lessons learned, and how to improve ongoing and sustaining hybrid events.
  • What platforms organizations are using for hybrid events and how they are being produced (planned in-house vs third party).
  • How to engage in a virtual format; share engagement tips and tools. 
  • Budget differences and implications – what to look for and share best practices in virtual events; pivoting from in-person to hybrid to virtual events; considerations in staffing, cost, etc.
  • COVID-19 protocols – lessons learned, addressing location protocols, and determining protocols based on compromised attendees.  

 The Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group will convene virtually on the third Thursday of every other month. Please view the NHC’s Meetings & Events Calendar for confirmed meeting dates. If you are interested in learning more or joining the NHC’s Meeting & Event Professionals Affinity Group, please contact Racquel Codling, NHC’s Director of Meetings & Events.