Member Spotlight: AcademyHealth

By Theo Smith, Associate, Marketing & Communications 

AcademyHealth is a trusted partner in the discovery and dissemination of timely and relevant research-based strategies to improve health and health care.   

The non-profit, non-partisan membership organization is the professional home for health services researchers, health policy professionals, and individuals and organizations who use evidence to improve health care decision making. It advances the field of health research by acting as an objective broker of information, bringing together stakeholders to address the current and future needs of the evolving health system, informing health policy and practice, and translating evidence into action. On behalf of its members, AcademyHealth works to increase the understanding of methods and data used in the field, enhance the professional skills of researchers and research users, and advocate for the use of evidence to inform and improve decision making.  

AcademyHealth has a strategic focus on increasing the impact of health services research (HSR), developing and sustaining a diverse workforce, creating opportunities for meaningful engagement between and with the HSR and health policy communities, and embracing innovation. In 2020, AcademyHealth President and CEO Dr. Lisa Simpson announced three, cross-cutting areas of emphasis within these strategies, focusing the organization’s efforts on the priority issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, science innovation and health system improvement, resilience, and capacity. 

AcademyHealth values the contribution of a variety of voices, and has a robust patient scholarship program to invite those affected by health delivery system costs, quality and access to engage with the research and policy community. 

AcademyHealth is proud of its affiliation with the National Health Council and values its contributions to ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable, and effective health care. 

To learn more about the AcademyHealth, go to their website. 

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