NHC Member Spotlight – Bluebird Bio

By Theo Smith, Associate, Marketing & Communications  

Bluebird Bio is a biotechnology company that develops gene therapies for severe genetic disorders and cancer. The goal of Bluebird Bio is to recode the science, the system – and even the status quo – for life. 

Bluebird Bio believes making a difference starts with taking a stand. The company pushes hard on gene therapy because they believe it delivers the chance for people with severe genetic diseases and cancer to live fully, regardless of what’s written in their DNA.  

With over 1,100+ employees across the US & Europe who care deeply and challenge convention to help the people unlock the potential for fuller, healthier lives, the staff at Bluebird Bio is doing the hard work because they believe people facing these challenges deserve it. 

Bluebird Bio believes in treating disease differently by recoding the stories of people’s lives. It is believed that this approach will provide the potential to treat a broad range of serious conditions – with the goal that people will be able to live their lives fully. Bluebird Bio is building platforms with broad therapeutic potential for:  

  • Gene Addition Therapy  
  • Cancer Immunotherapy  
  • Gene Editing  

Bluebird Bio prides itself on a unique, caring culture that drives success. A diverse group of individuals, who share a common drive to build meaningful relationships with the industry, partners, advocacy groups – and people who need help. 

Bluebird Bio is a proud member of the National Health Council (NHC) and together we work to promote increased access to affordable, high-value, sustainable health care and keep the patient at the center of all our work. 

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