NHC Research and Programs: A Look Through 2023

By: Lillian Witting, MPH, Coordinator, Research, Education and Programs  

This year, the National Health Council’s (NHC) Research and Programs team were in full forced in providing programming, resources, and tools to its membership. The department published several research briefs on topics like nutritional health, prior authorization and utilization management, and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and technology. Additionally, new to the portfolio is the creation of interactive infographics, including various COVID-19 vaccine types. In October and November, the NHC hosted workshops with patient organizations to continue the development of the Patient Experience Data (PED) Dossier infrastructure. A PED Dossier is a potential mechanism to alleviate the disorganization that exists across data sources for patient advocates, researchers, policymakers, etc., to use widely for health care decision-making. Discussions with patient and other stakeholder communities focused on the structure of the dossier, governance, and sustainability.  

In the latter half of 2023, the NHC was awarded a sponsorship to update its Value Classroom. The objective of this project is to update and refine its patient-centered value tools and resources and provide better accessibility to evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature. Another objective of interest to several members was assisting patient organizations with access to health care economists and value assessors. With this update, the NHC hopes to improve value education and knowledge through capacity building and online technical assistance. Additionally, the NHC will seek supplementary sponsorship in 2024 to update multiple classrooms, tools, and educational modules on its website. 

Finally, the Research and Programs team have engaged with members in varying capacities. The team has participated in research showcases, presented at multiple events, and participated in advisory panels. Engagement with membership has also risen through reviving the Chief Medical Officer/Chief Science Officer and Research Affinity Group. 

The NHC is proud to continue providing evidence-based information to our membership and patients. The Research & Programs team — with guidance from the Research and Programs Committee — identified its focus for the 2024 symposium: to explore the science of engagement of patients across the lifespan with an emphasis on vulnerable populations. The symposium will focus on the patients’ life cycle and sessions will delve into the experiences of pediatric and adolescent populations, adults, and geriatric populations. Patient goals shift as they move through life, and it is important for researchers to acknowledge these stages as it may impact the patients’ current treatment and lifestyle.  

The Science of Patient Engagement Symposium will take place on May 8-9, 2024, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. We look forward to working with you and our sponsors to make this a great meeting, with more information and exciting programming to come!