The Affordable Care Act Is A Reliable Source for Comprehensive Health Insurance


By Jennifer Dexter, Director, Policy  

During these uncertain times, health insurance coverage is more important than ever, especially for people with chronic diseases and disabilities. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace can be used to find quality and affordable insurance.  The 2021 Open Enrollment season is in full swing, you can go to for more information about prices and plans.  

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPCA),” also known as the ACA or Obamacare, is a law designed to make sure that more Americans have access to quality and comprehensive health insurance. The ACA requires most employers to offer health care coverage and ensures that insurance providers meet minimum standardsThe ACA also offers “health care exchanges, which are marketplaces that allow people to compare different plans side-by-side to determine coverage options. Marketplaces can also help people identify subsidies they may be eligible for depending on state and local regulations to help pay for insurance. 

ACA coverage is distinguishable from other types of health insurance because it guarantees coverage for 10 essential health benefits  

  1. Ambulatory Patient Services 
  2. Emergency Care 
  3. Hospitalizations 
  4. Maternity and New-born Care 
  5. Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services 
  6. Prescription Drugs 
  7. Rehabilitative Services and Devices 
  8. Laboratory Services 
  9. Preventative and Wellness Services and Chronic Disease Management 
  10. Pediatric services 

Shopping for a health insurance plan through the ACA Marketplace is the best way to avoid purchasing “junk insurance,” or insurance plans that don’t cover these essential benefits and can be more costly in the long term and provide less coverage. Not only does the ACA include chronic disease management as one of its essential benefits, the ACA also prohibits discrimination against patients with chronic conditions and disease. This is monumental for people with chronic diseases and disabilities because it allows patients to seek insurance coverage without fear that they will be denied for having pre-existing condition. This is instrumental in their ability to achieve the best possible health outcomes. 

Although the future of the ACA is uncertain due to recent Supreme Court cases, a few things remain clear. The ACA is a reliable source for people with chronic conditions and people looking for affordable, comprehensive health care coverage. The ACA remains the law of the land.  Go to to find a plan that is right for you and #GetCoveredBut hurry! Open enrollment for 2021 coverage ends on Tuesday, December 15, 2020!   

Visit the NHC’s 2021 Open Enrollment page for more resources.