Perfetto & Regnante Article Featured in Life Science Leader


“The Hidden Real-World Reasons For Poor Clinical Trial Diversity” by  Eleanor Perfetto, Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the National Health Council and Jeanne Regnante, Chief Health Equity and Diversity Officer at the LUNGevity Foundation was featured in Life Science Leader.

The article begins, “Disparities in clinical research participation are well documented and, like broader healthcare disparities, a by-product of systemic and institutional racism. COVID-19 vaccine and treatment development have greatly amplified the need for all communities to have the same opportunity to participate in research. To achieve better outcomes and health equity for historically underserved populations, we must address the not widely acknowledged, hidden, real-world reasons for such poor diversity in clinical trials. The importance is clear: People’s lives depend on it. Here, we will pull back the covers on the issues we must tackle to improve diversity in trials.”

Read the full article here.