De-identified Budget from a PCORI Engagement Award

Approximate Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Engagement Award Budget (funding limit, $250,000)
(24-month project)

Staff time for project management, all key project activities

 • Project lead
 • Project manager
 • Administrative
 • Finance and accounting
Graphics and web design

$ 80,000.00

Compensation for patient/stakeholder advisory board members

12 Advisory Board members
Serving for 24 months

$ 24,000.00

Project consultants*

2 consultants


Stipends for listening session participants

$ 21,000.00

Expenses for listening session participants travel and attendance

$ 20,000.00

Meeting costs for listening sessions

Hotel meetings rooms; Audio/visual support and recordings; food and beverages

$ 50,000.00

Travel for staff and patient/stakeholder advisory board members

$ 18,000.00

Communications firm

•  Materials and graphic design
•  Dissemination support

$ 20,000.00


$ 244,000.00

*The organization may also consider adding funds for technical assistance from organizations knowledgeable about PC-CIS Blueprint implementation