An Introduction to Health Economics and Value Assessment

Welcome to the National Health Council’s second online educational series. “In the Pursuit of Value: An Introduction to Health Economics and Value Assessment,” comprised of nine modules, focuses on the basics of health economics and value assessment. Each module takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. The educational modules are best viewed using the Chrome web browser.

Module topics include:

Once you have completed the educational series, please take a few minutes to provide feedback on your experience by taking this survey.

This program was developed in cooperation with the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s School of Pharmacy, the NHC Patient Value Advisory Committee, and the NHC Value Work Group.

This training was partially funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute® (PCORI®) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (8620-NHC). Thank you to Allergan, Amgen, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, NPC, Pfizer, and PhRMA for sponsoring the NHC’s work on Value.