Research Program Manager, The Epilepsy Foundation

Location: Epilepsy Foundation headquarters office - Landover MD (DC Metropolitan Area). Remote employment is possible.
Department: Programs
Reports to: Senior Director of Programs

The Research Program Manager (RPM) is tasked with ensuring that the Foundation is continually identifying and responding to the needs of the Epilepsy community in respect to our research initiatives. The primary roles of the Program manager are to:

  1. Coordinate the development and delivery of the Epilepsy Digital Engagement Navigator (EDEN), a platform that will enroll people with epilepsy and follow them over time.Under the direction of the Director of Innovation and the CMIO, the RPM will develop engagement strategies, and work with our platform partner, Embleema, to ensure data is entered in the platform in an interpretable manner.
  2. Work with research clinical coordinator in the Human Epilepsy Project 2 study, which will have users on the EDEN platform
  3. Assist with analysis of research data sets by pulling and analyze various query requests from research data sets existing within the Foundation
  4. Maintaining the web informational research tools such as the pipeline tracker and deviceapedia (tools related to new therapies and new technology on

The program manager may also work with the Senior Director to assist as needed in other tasks.

Principal Duties And Responsibilities



  • Coordinate, pilot and oversee various engagement and recruitment strategies
  • Run focus groups and evaluate success of return of result reports to users
  • Coordinate the multiple working groups involved in operationalizing EDEN
  • Manage the timelines and deliverables for the EDEN initiative
  • Create workflow processes to track and keep multiple external stakeholder groups up to date on progress and development
  • Work with digital team on multiple strategies to bring users to the EDEN platform
  • Continually course-correct and test whether the EDEN platform is providing value to the community
  • Track high-level metrics regarding engagement and usage of the platform
  • Generate high level reports to Board or other EF departments as requested
  • Run queries on My Seizure Diary, Human Epilepsy Project, or other foundation datasets as needed
  • Update data dictionaries as appropriate
  • Create workflow processes to better share data as a resource with the epilepsy community
  • Communicate research findings and generate high level reports from data queries out to the broader community

Other Data initiatives

  • Run queries on My Seizure Diary, Human Epilepsy Project, or other foundation datasets as needed
  • Update data dictionaries as appropriate


  • Write up communications related to the research mission
  • Maintain web informational tools related to the research mission (such as deviceapedia and pipeline tracker)



  • Masters degree or higher highly preferred.
  • At least one year of experience working with digital technology or databases

More Information


  • Comfort with database systems and digital technologies
  • Work collaboratively with others in a team environment, leading and ensuring implementation of project goals.
  • Familiarity with Project Management Tools
  • Ability to manage timelines, milestones, and deliverables
  • Write and communicate clearly and well for internal and external audiences.
  • Organize, manage and execute multiple complex activities
  • Coordinates workflow activities with other internal departments and external advisory groups

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