Letter to Congress Expressing Concern with Short-Term Limited Duration Plans


The National Health Council (NHC) submits this letter, with 112 other patient advocacy organizations, to Congressional leadership expressing concern with Short-Term Limited Duration Plans.
“Our 113 organizations represent millions of people with serious, acute, and chronic diseases and disabilities, as well as their caregivers. These individuals, and all Americans, need access to comprehensive, affordable health coverage in order to meet their medical needs.
We write to express our concerns about the impact the proposed rule regarding short-term limited duration plans (STLDs) (CMS-9924-P) will have both on the health insurance marketplaces and the individuals we represent. While short term plans can offer less expensive coverage, they are not required to adhere to important standards, including the ten essential health benefit categories, guaranteed issue, out-of-pocket maximums, age-rating protections, and many other critical consumer protections. These policies are also allowed to charge much higher premiums, deny coverage altogether for consumers who cannot meet medical underwriting standards, and impose lifetime and annual limits on services. If the proposed rule put forward by the Administration is finalized in its current form, it will limit access to quality and affordable health insurance coverage for all Americans, and disproportionately harm individuals with pre-existing conditions and people with disabilities.”

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