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Impacts & Implications: The Future of the IRA

11/08/2022 3:00 pm, Virtual

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FNIH: Sharing a Focus on Patient Solutions

11/03/2022 12:00 pm, Virtual

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Corporate Partners Advisory Board Meeting

11/02/2022 10:00 am, Virtual

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October Medical Innovation Action Team

10/26/2022 2:00 pm, Virtual, Zoom

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2022 Science of Patient Engagement Symposium

10/19/2022 9:00 am, Virtual

The National Health Council (NHC) announces the theme of the 2022 Science of Patient Engagement Symposium, From Research to Action: Health Equity for All. Over the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world, and health inequities among historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups have magnified. The science of understanding the patient has never been more important. Specifically, health equity research, where diverse patients are at the core of scientific inquiry, is imperative to tackling these issues.

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October Health Care Reform Action Team

10/12/2022 12:00 pm, Virtual, Zoom

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September Medical Innovation Action Team

09/28/2022 2:00 pm, Virtual, Zoom

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NHC Annual Revenue Report Summary Discussion

09/28/2022 4:00 pm, Virtual

The NHC team will present an overview of the 2021 NHC Revenue Report findings to NHC patient group members.

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September NHC Communications Affinity Group Meeting

09/20/2022 12:30 pm

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