Action Teams

Action Teams are comprised of participants from all National Health Council (NHC) member categories. Action Teams operationalize the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors and the NHC Board Policy Committee. Each team meets monthly to discuss issues in its assigned area, vet policy and position statements, and develop advocacy strategies. Action Teams are an important and integral part of the policy-making function of the NHC.

The current NHC Action Teams are:

  • The Health Care Reform Action Team focuses on topics and issues related to health care reform in the United States. This often comes in the form of emerging legislation and/or regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services. When new policies surface, the Health Care Reform Action Team helps the NHC develop the organization’s position – including comment letters, op-eds, toolkits, and other resources. The Action Team also discusses member organization reactions as well as any opportunities to collaborate. Read more here.
  • The Medical Innovation Action Team is focused on legislative and regulatory policies that encourage medical innovation, particularly efforts that support patient engagement. Specifically, the MIAT discusses important upcoming workshops and meetings, the release of FDA guidance documents, or comment letters that the NHC or its members plan to submit. Read more here.


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