Launch of Us Consensus Framework to Advance Health Equity & Ethical Collaboration

The National Health Council (NHC), National Medical Association (NMA), and Pharmaceutical Researchers & Manufacturers Associations (PhRMA) launch open initiative to advance health equity and ethical collaboration in the US health ecosystem.

Launch of Us Consensus Framework to Advance Health Equity & Ethical Collaboration (PDF)

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 8, 2024 – Representatives from the National Health Council (NHC), the National Medical Association (NMA), and the Pharmaceutical Researchers & Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) have launched an open initiative to advance health equity and ethical collaboration in the US health ecosystem. Designed as a forum for leading US health system stakeholders, the ongoing addition of key health stakeholders and the inclusion of diverse sector perspectives facilitates the establishment of best practices and high standards that center on the needs of patients and the promotion of health equity.

Inspired by the International Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration, the US Consensus Framework (USCF) applies established principles of ethics to a vision of health equity in the US healthcare system – setting a new standard globally for an equity-centered and patient-centered collaboration.

While the US healthcare system is recognized for its ability to provide first-class care and treatments, these benefits are not experienced equally. Longstanding structural, racial, environmental, and financial barriers prevent equitable access to best-in-class screening, treatment, and care. Through the launch of the USCF, the United States joins a majority of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum’s member economies in having adopted a consensus framework for ethical collaboration across the health system.

“This framework is essential to help guide partnerships that enable meaningful and appropriate patient engagement. Without patient involvement from the beginning, the effort to bring effective treatments to market and promote high-quality care is missing a critical voice – the patient. The National Health Council endorses this Framework for Ethical Collaboration to ensure patients are at the center of our health system.”

– Randall L. Rutta, Chief Executive Officer, National Health Council

“As the voice of Black health, the National Medical Association strives to both advance the art and science of medicine for people of African descent and support efforts towards improving the quality and availability of healthcare to underserved populations across the country. The USCF provides the platform and opportunity to advance health equity to the forefront of US healthcare discussions and sets the standard for ethical, patientcentered collaborations.”

– Joy D. Calloway, Executive Director, National Medical Association

“Since the inception of the PhRMA Code more than 20 years ago, PhRMA member companies have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the highest standards of business ethics and compliance. Our members’ robust ethics and compliance programs serve as the gold standard worldwide. This Consensus Framework is a historic step to build on this foundation, allowing leading health system stakeholders to partner and continue to drive thought leadership and forward progress in business ethics and equity. Today’s announcement is just the first step, and we look forward to building on this important partnership in the months ahead.”

– Stephen J. Ubl, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pharmaceutical Researchers & Manufacturers Association


The USCF, signed in 2024, is a collaborative partnership between leading health stakeholders designed to enable ethical collaboration towards improving the US healthcare system to better meet the needs of diverse patient populations.