Wide Range of resources on complex issues

We offer a wide range of resources on complex issues that impact all people with chronic conditions. Resources include member-specific services, frequent meetings and events, publications, and comments on rules and legislation.

Confused about Open Enrollment? Here’s a Glossary to Help!


Open enrollment starts today, so it’s important to know what plan fits your needs and provides you with the necessary coverage. Here are some key

Webinar Preview: Patient-Reported Outcomes and Patient-Centered Outcomes: Is There a Difference?


By: Katie Soisson, Policy Associate There are many different types of health outcome measures that can be classified by the type of information collected or

Building Data Systems for the Science of Patient Engagement: A Recap of the NHC’s Chief Medical and Scientific Officer Conference


By: Elisabeth Oehrlein, PhD, MS, NHC Senior Director, Research and Programs Last week, chief medical and scientific officers from patient organizations and industry groups met

Trump Administration Announces Two New Health Care Rules for 2020


New guidance issued Monday loosens restrictions states face to waive Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. These types of waivers, known as Section 1332 waivers, are

STAT: The EKG is only a start. Apple wants to seize the market for patient monitoring


Below is an exerpt from a STAT article quoting NHC’s Chief Executive Officer Marc Boutin. Read the full article. “The commercialization of tools such as the

2018 Chief Medical/Scientific Officers Conference


2018 Chief Medical/ Scientific Officers Conference Sharing Patient-Centered Outcomes Data: Building A Better Mousetrap Based on Learnings from the Research Community Patient Provided Information: How

CMS’s Accountable Care Organizations Pathways to Success


The National Health Council (NHC) appreciates the opportunity to respond to the Proposed Rule entitled, “Medicare Shared Savings Program; Accountable Care Organizations Pathways to Success”

FDA Standard Core Clinical Outcome Assessments and Endpoints


The NHC supports the FDA’s interest in promoting the “development of publicly available, standard core sets of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) measures for specific disease

Member Spotlight: Food Allergy Research & Education


By Kelly Garrity, Senior Director, Member Services and Development The following is one of a series of posts highlighting National Health Council members. If you