Aimée Johnson

Coordinator, Finance & Operations   |

The very first thing staff and visitors get when they arrive at the National Health Council office is a warm greeting from Coordinator, Finance & Operations Aimée Johnson.

Working from her reception desk, Johnson is one of the NHC’s most public faces, ensuring that guests are taken care of while also providing crucial logistical support to her colleagues in their various projects.

Prior joining the NHC, Johnson gained experience serving as a Manager and Security Professional at Allied Universal Security Services for 14 years.

Johnson is a proud Washingtonian who was born, raised, and still lives in DC.

On both a personal and professional level, Johnson proud of the NHC’s ongoing mission to identify and confront systemic inequities in the health care system that continue to marginalize minority communities, including her own.

Johnson is also planning a return to school where she will pursue a business management and human resources administration degree.

Johnson intends to use that degree to help underserved communities gain more comprehensive and consistent access to health care.

Joining the NHC has also helped Johnson show her son DaJuan that any goal can be achieved with the right plan, patience, and a team of good people supporting your dreams.