Silke Schoch, MA

Director, Research & Programs  |  [email protected]

Since moving from Arizona, Silke Schoch has embraced her new home in Washington, DC and with the National Health Council.

In June 2017, Schoch began her time with NHC just two weeks after graduating from American University with a BA in International Studies.

Working in what was at first a temporary position, Schoch impressed the NHC’s leadership so much that she was soon offered a full-time job on staff.

Schoch is the Senior Manager, Research & Programs, supporting the Vice President, Research and Programs, in her role.

Schoch has played a role in many of the NHC’s recent successes, including her favorite project, developing the Patient Experience Mapping Toolbox. The toolbox was a years-long project in which learning from the patients’ point of view was critical.

During her time helping to develop the toolbox, Schoch learned incredible insights over the course of dozens of qualitative interviews that she and the NHC team did with patients who have spent years living with chronic illnesses and diseases.

The toolbox, which is now publicly available on the NHC website (PEMT), has been a critical data collection tool for researchers to get a better view of patients experiences from pre-diagnosis up through the treatment phase.

Schoch has also has a Master’s Degree in Public Management from Johns Hopkins.