ICYMI: NHC Health Equity Report Outlining Key Policy Proposals

By: Breshay Moore, Coordinator, Digital Media

On February 1, the NHC held a health equity webinar and released a new report: Access, Affordability and Quality: A Patient-Focused Blueprint for Real Health Equity. We partnered with our members and distinguished experts to determine where equity, affordability, and accessibility gaps exist in the health care system. Our findings, proposals, and recommendations are reflected in this report, including recommendations on:

View the full recording of the webinar and introduction of the new recommendations here.

The new report and NHC CEO Randy Rutta were also featured in a WebMD article, that focuses on patient stories, the importance of health care equity, and why it matters. The article also discusses systemic biases and structural disparities in the health care system. Read the full article here.