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Addressing discrimination & Health Disparities

Our current health system came of age when racial segregation and many other forms of discrimination based on such things as gender identity and sexual orientation, disability, and other factors were sanctioned by custom and law. Widely practiced discrimination bred structured health disparities for racial groups and other populations whom the society decided to disadvantage. The U.S. health care system has dismantled the outward manifestation of segregated care so that race is no longer the explicit discriminator. However, the legacy system continues to bolster discriminatory practices and has replaced the language of segregation with new discriminators.

Piecemeal solutions are no longer an option. It is time for a complete transformation of the health care system to promote unbiased structures and processes to advance equitable access to quality health care for all. This includes addressing all societal, structural, financial, and policy determinations that are products of – and reinforce – this historical bias. The NHC is committed to elevating the patient voice and reframing conversations to elevate managing the health, financial, and other risks patients face over managing financial liability to the health system.

Consensus Statement on Health Equity

The NHC & National Minority Quality Forum are proud to announce that 58 Chief Executive Officers of NHC member patient advocacy organizations signed this consensus statement, committing to achieving health equity.

This Roundtable, which is the first of three, is a follow-up to the NHC and the National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) consensus statement, signed by 58 Chief Executive Officers in the NHC’s volunteer health agency membership. A group of diverse thought leaders from across the health ecosystem had a robust discussion on issues that permeate our health care system regarding access to health insurance coverage. Read the report here.

Outlining Our Policy Priorities


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