Thought Leaders Converge at National Health Council Leadership Conference to Advance Care for Patients

Industry experts & speakers say emerging challenges present tremendous opportunity for positive change

Thought Leaders Converge at National Health Council Leadership Conference to Advance Care for Patients (PDF)

(Scottsdale, AZ – February 22, 2024) Senior leaders – CEOs, senior executives and Board leaders – from the nation’s top Patient Organizations and Partners of Patient Organizations, are coming together at the National Health Council (NHC) 2024 Health Leadership Conference, entitled, The Urgency of Now: Think Patient, to discuss and evaluate emerging issues in health care policy.  The marquee event is being held in Scottsdale, AZ, February 21-23.

“The NHC’s mission is to bring diverse organizations together to forge consensus and drive patient-centered health policy,” said Jeff Todd, president and CEO of Prevent Blindness, and Chair of the National Health Council Board of Directors.  “On topics such as artificial intelligence and ‘the new normal’ in health care, attendees are collaborating to create the next generation of first-class, patient-centered care.”

“The NHC Health Leadership Conference serves as a laboratory for new ideas and new ways of doing things on the road to a brighter health care future, that is completely accessible, more affordable, and entirely equitable,” said Randall L. Rutta, CEO of the NHC.  “The NHC is proud to play a key role in bringing together so many talented leaders to collaborate and innovate on behalf of the health care system and the patients it serves.”

The NHC 2024 Health Leadership Conference features an impressive array of sessions, topics and speakers, including:

The State of the Sector – Keynote Remarks
Akilah Watkins, PhD, President and CEO, Independent Sector
Dr. Watkins will share insights from her first year at the helm of Independent Sector, the leading voice for America’s non-profit community. She will share highlights from the IS 2023 Health of the Sector Report and provide her perspective on the workforce challenges facing non-profits.

The Future of Health Care
Sunita Mishra, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Amazon Health Services
The business model of Amazon is characterized by a relentless focus on the quality of customer experience. As the company turns its attention to the health care market, that focus translates to new and different ways of addressing the needs of patients. Dr. Mishra will explore the company’s vision for its place in the health care market – as a leader and a collaborator.

The Future is Here – Ensuring Patient Perspectives Inform Artificial Intelligence in Health Care
Dr. Brian Anderson, Co-Founder CHAI (Coalition for Health AI) and Chief Digital Health Physician, MITRE
It seems there is no conversation about health care these days that does not include AI. Questions about its role – and its potential, both good and bad – abound. The NHC has been exploring how our members can make sure there is a place at the table for patient perspectives as decisions are being made that impact everyone’s health. Dr. Anderson will share important perspective on how the structures of decision-making are shaping up and how patient advocates can explore their role in that framework.

Fireside Chat: Advances in MedTech
Paul Grand, CEO, MedTech Innovator
From online scheduling and electronic health records to health tracker apps and wearables, surgical robots and AI diagnostics, the role of medical technology in the lives of patients is undeniable. During this exciting conversation, Mr. Grand will pull back the curtain on innovation in the medical technology space and invite the audience to explore with him how patient perspectives can be elevated in this market to ensure innovation responds to patient needs.

Chief Influencer: Nonprofit Leaders Driving the Conversation
Anthony Shop, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, Social Driver
Back by popular demand, Mr. Shop will energize participants with tips and hints for how to lead the conversation in their sectors for maximum organizational influence. The session will explore how today’s successful leaders inspire and influence others.

The Political Outlook for the 2024 National Election
David Wasserman, Senior Editor and Election Analyst, Cook Political Report
Like it or not national politics has a major influence on how the health care system operates in the United States. Mr. Wasserman will provide an insider’s view of what to watch during 2024 as we close in on election day in November.

A complete event agenda can be accessed here. Speaker bios can be accessed here


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