Welcome to the draft “Patient-Centered Core Impact Sets (PC-CIS) Blueprint.” The National Health Council (NHC) aspires to ensure patient centricity in our health care ecosystem by advancing the Development of Patient-Centered Core Impact Sets (PC-CIS) to address inconsistencies between what is important to patients versus the information that is typically collected in research and care. A PC-CIS is a standardized, patient-derived and patient-prioritized list of the most important impacts a disease and/or its treatments have on a patient’s health and daily life, and that of their family and caregivers.

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National Health Council. Patient-Centered Core Impact Sets Blueprint. 2022. At: https://nationalhealthcouncil.org/a-blueprint-for-developing-patient-centered-core-impact-sets-pc-cis/


Thank you to the PC-CIS Advisory Committee as well as the Background, Resources, and Methods workgroups for their contributions and expertise to the PC-CIS Blueprint.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank, T. Rosie Love, MPH, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, Lori Frank, PhD, Senior Vice President for Research, Policy, and Programs, The New York Academy of Medicine & Jeanne Regnante, Strategic Health Equity Advisor, Tigerlily Foundation, for their inputs and insights into this work.