The NHC hosts webinar, launches report on Inclusive Workplaces

By: Michael Gordon, Communications Coordinator

Nonprofit members of the National Health Council (NHC) came together virtually on Tuesday, April 12 as the NHC took another step in its commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) workforce.

The NHC had plenty to share with attendees during its special session, Inclusive Workplaces: Sustaining Progress. NHC Executive Vice President of Membership, Development, and Events Susan Gaffney introduced the meeting’s central element, a group examination and discussion of the NHC’s recently released DEI report, Inclusive Workplaces: Building a Representative Workforce..

The 8-page report represents the NHC’s follow-up to its Inclusive Workplaces: Building A Representative Workforce event from October 2021 and includes insights on how to recruit diverse talent for specialized roles and constructing interview panels to promote diversity in hiring.

After Gaffney’s introduction, Alicia Robinson, Senior Partner,Talent, Coaching & Culture at The Equity Lab began the webinar by posing a series of questions to the attendees, including whether or not they feel supported by their respective organizations and team leadership.

Robinson opened the discussion with panelists Diana Gray, President and CEO of the Hydrocephalus Association, and Sherman Gillums, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer at NAMI, who took turns responding with their thoughts to a series of questions relating to prioritizing an atmosphere of inclusivity in the workplace and comparing what they believe to be effective and ineffective strategies for making staff members feel appreciated and included.

The panelists also spoke about their shared belief in fostering organizational growth and success by collecting data internally and regularly surveying their staff to be more cognizant of their own viewpoints.

Gray and Gillums agreed that creating a more inclusive workplace can also bring added benefits to an organization such as more diverse ideas, a stronger innovative and creative spirit, and a deeper understanding of an organization’s customer or constituent base.

For more information on the NHC’s Health Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion work, visit our website here.