Welcome to the National Health Council’s Conversations with Trusted Messengers!

In this engaging and informative video series, NHC CEO Randy Rutta connects with experts, thought leaders, and advocates to discuss some of the most important considerations around COVID-19 in 2023 and beyond: What is risk? How can we measure our personal risk levels? And what can we do to reduce that risk?

In the three years since the start of the pandemic, we have learned a great deal about transmission, prevention, vaccinations, and treatment of COVID-19. In this video series, we hope to provide clear and reliable information about the ways we can continue to measure our risk and work together to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. The Trusted Messenger videos will discuss this topic as it pertains to older adults, those with cardiometabolic conditions, the immunocompromised and women.

Talk to your health care provider today and make your COVID-19 plan!

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