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Webinar series

Clinical Outcome Assessment Webinar Series Recordings

The National Health Council hosted a 12-part webinar series on Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA), intended to help the patient community better equip itself to engage with regulators, researchers, and other stakeholders to drive patient centeredness across health care research, but especially medical product development.

Introduction to Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence: ​Training Series

This series gives a broad overview of real-world data and real-world evidence, what it is, how it is used in decision-making, and how it will impact the patient community.

Patient-Focused Medical Product Development (PFMPD) Webinar Series Recordings

The NHC’s Patient-Focused Medical Product Development series builds upon our Clinical Outcome Assessment series. The series will continue to introduce COA-related topics, but also will cover a broader range of subjects, including patient preference research, patient engagement in clinical trial design, as well as medical device development.